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Project Defending Life (PDL) is a Catholic umbrella ministry in New Mexico that sponsors many pro-life ministries, with a special focus on ending all abortions. We maintain a pro-life chapel just 50 feet from a Planned Parenthood abortion center.
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Late-Term Abortions Have Come to New Mexico

Albuquerque is now considered the Late-Term Abortion Capital of the world. Late-term abortions are overwhelmingly opposed by the vast majority of Americans. According to one Gallup Poll, 68% oppose second trimester abortions and a stunning 84% oppose third trimester abortions. That disapproval is reflected in the law. In most states, abortions after viability are either illegal or highly regulated. is legal to have an abortion up to the day of birth.

Get Involved with The Gabriel Project at Your Local Parish

The Gabriel Project helps any pregnant woman in crisis. Regardless of your circumstances; we offer monetary, emotional and spiritual support in your difficult time. Confidentially is maintained through our non-judgemental and loving atmosphere that offers hope and love through this seemingly difficult time. You can help babies and their moms by getting involved with The Gabriel Project in your local parish or by donating to Project Defending Life today. Here is more information and a list of Gabriel Project parishes.

Founded by Local New Mexico Priest

Father Stephen Imbarrato is the founder and chaplain of Project Defending Life. He is a priest in the archdiocese of Santa Fe and a long-time pro-life activist. Father Imbarrato works with the PDL Board of Directors to oversee a growing staff of part-time volunteers in coordinating pro-life action in the areas of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.

Clergy Advisory Board

Project Defending Life is not affiliated with any church organization but we do work in close collaboration with Respect Life efforts at the parish and archdiocesan levels. Archbishop Michael Sheehan participates often in PDL events and chairs our Clergy Advisory Board

Pro-Life Unity

Project Defending Life seeks to forge alliances with other pro-life, pro-family, and pro-faith groups, locally and nationally. Please see our friends page for links to other worthwhile organizations of interest to pro-lifers.

Under the patronage of the Holy Innocents, St. Gerard, and Our Lady of Guadalupe
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