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Introducing the Virtual Baby Bottle Drive!

A Secure, Easy, and Affordable Way to Support Project Defending Life. 

Virtual Baby Bottles Drives, powered by RoundIt, are an innovative and hassle-free way for donors to give pocket change to Project Defending Life. Donors register a credit or debit card and their purchases are rounded up to the next dollar – the difference is donated!

Whether you go to the grocery store, run errands, or shop online, you can save life one swipe at a time.

Signing up is secure and only takes a couple minutes. It has never been easier to give. Simply sign up with RoundIt to get started

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You stop at the store to grab a few items. Your total purchase is $63.67. You pay with your registered credit card and it automatically rounds the purchase to the next dollar ($64.00). Without even noticing, you have made a small donation of $ .33 to Project Defending Life! All these small gifts combined, along with other donors, add up to make a significant impact and saves the lives of babies.

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  • STAY WITHIN YOUR BUDGET - set a monthly maximum.

  • KEEP ORGANIZED - log-in to see monthly and year end donations and reports for tax purposes.

  • MAXIMIZE GIVING - Donors can give from more than one credit/debit card.

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