Support Project Defending Life and Women's Pregnancy Options by hosting Baby Bottle Drives at your church. You can raise money to financially support this ministry, as well as help change the lives of men and women. It’s simple as taking a baby bottle and filling it up with change, cash, checks and then returning it back to the church. Your contribution makes significant changes in lives of families in our community. 








These bottles can be checked out from PDL

If you are interested in becoming a Church Ambassador for Project Defending Life, please email Cyndi Watts at or call at (505) 266-4100. We will give you all the literature and bottles you need and walk you through the process of presenting a Baby Bottle Campaign to your church.

Suggested times to host a campaign are October (Respect Life Month), January (Sanctity of Human Life Month), May (Mother's Day), and June (Father's Day). Also, for the summer time, we are suggesting "Summer for Change" campaigns!