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Join the pro-life movement! Below are some ways in which you can donate you time, talents, and treasures to help save and change lives. 


Social Media Communications (part-time) includes managing and promoting social media accounts in cooperation with our marketing strategy goals.


Pro-Life Outreach Coordinator(s) will assist the President and Development Director with organizing, promoting, and recruiting participants for pro-life events like 40 Days for Life and the Jericho Walk. 


Receptionist(s)- Part time will welcome clients as they come to the pregnancy medical clinic, make sure forms and completed, entered, and filed, schedule appointments, and do basic office work. Client Advocacy training will be required and provided by PDL.


Spanish-Speaking Client Advocates (Part-time) will assist clients who are Spanish-speaking in our services, from pregnancy testing, options consultation, to case management. At this time, we are not seeing a high-volume of Spanish-speaking clients and so this will be an on-call position for a designated day and time-frame. We are looking for 10 volunteers to commit to 9-12:30 or 12:30-4 on any given day, Monday through Friday. Client Advocacy training will be required and provided by PDL.


Weekend Cleaners will do basic upkeep of building such clean bathrooms, sweep and mop floors, and vacuum. 


Office Assistance (part-time) will fulfill basic office duties, filing, organizing, product ordering, printing, and mailing.


Event Planning will assist President and Community Outreach director in various tasks for our annual Gala, Galentine’s, and other related events.



for more information and an application.




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