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Our team is passionate and mission-driven to provide professional services informed by our Catholic faith to provide non-violent, life-affirming care and support to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Our work culture nurtures and grows our spiritual lives and develops our professional gifts in order to respond appropriately to end the perceived need for abortion and create a culture of life in New Mexico. 


All locations hiring: Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Rio Rancho, NM

Full-time, Part-time, and/or Volunteer
Negotiable hourly pay rate  

Full-time employee Benefits: PTO, NM sick leave, Health Reimbursement Account, Paid Parental Leave Eligible

As a nurse at Project Defending Life (PDL), you are the integral role in the services we offer to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. The nurses provide limited STD/STI testing and treatment, medical grade pregnancy testing, and a limited ultrasound to confirm location, viability, and gestational age. The impact that an ultrasound image has on a mother for her to make a life choice is profound. According to “Adapted from Medical Insights (Feb 2014), by Dr. Sandy Christiansen, a publication of Care Net.” there is a more than three and a half times (3.5x) likelihood that an abortion minded mother who sees her baby’s ultrasound image will choose life.


As a Nurse at PDL, You are not only providing essential services and support to mothers, you are also directly saving lives. If you are someone you know are interested in this opportunity to serve mothers, babies, families, and advance salvation on an every day basis, then please reach out to us we would be thrilled to chat with you! Please fill out the form below for more information!

Director of Patient Services Job Description

Code of Christian Conduct

PDL Employee Application

Patient Advocate- Albuquerque, NM
Full-time, $15 per hour starting pay 

Benefits: PTO, Health Insurance Eligible, Paid Parental Leave Eligible

Patient Advocates will be the first person to serve and deliver exceptional, professional life-affirming services to families at-risk for abortion. A Patient Advocate will, under the supervision of the Director of Patient Services, ensure patients are provided with all core services by upholding all best standards of care and practice. In the absence of the Director of Patient Services, the Patient Advocate will be responsible for answering the patient phone, screening patients, basic administerial duties, and bringing concerns to the Director of Patient Services. The Patient Advocate will provide a critical perspective on data and trends for continual improvement of our patient services. 


Women’s Pregnancy Options provides professional services that are informed by our Catholic Faith. It is important to our culture that our spiritual lives are developed and nurtured in our daily work lives. Therefore, all members of our team participate in daily devotion and prayer, weekly adoration, special masses and gatherings. 

Patient Advocate
Job Description

Code of Christian Conduct

PDL Employee Application

Interested in learning more about a position and what it is like to be a part of a professional, faith-enriching team?

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