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45 Years

Today marks 45 years of legalized abortions. Since Roe v Wade, approximately 58,000,000 unborn children have lost their lives across the U.S.

Did you know NM legalized abortion a few years before the Supreme Court ruling in 1973?

And now NM is known as the late-term abortion capital of the US, with many people travelling from other states, and even other countries, to have abortions up until the day of birth.

Too many lives have ended by abortion. Too many people live lives that do not uphold their value and dignity because of the deep pain and regret they carry from their abortion decision. Too many, too many!

Let us sit in quiet and contemplate the loss, the pain, the significance...

Let us open our eyes to see the devastation abortion has caused, to see its evil. Let us pray to end abortion, for the lives lost, for living souls that are hurting. Let us use our voice at the polls, on the sidewalk in front of abortion clinics, in our relationships, and with all who we meet. Let us move our feet to meet people where they are at, for conversations leading to conversion and life. Let us extend

our hands in service to those families considering an abortion because they do not know how they will afford (in every aspect of their being) to feed, clothe, shelter, and/or nurture a child. Let us keep our hearts open to hope and love. Let us keep our minds focused on truth. Let us end abortion. Let us, let us!

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