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46 Years And 60 Million Lives

Friends for Life, January has come with a bang and, if this month has been any indication of what is to come, we are set to have a busy year! We are just two weeks from our ultrasound machine training and we are still waiting for the arrival of our machine. Please pray that we get the machine in time as canceling or rescheduling our training is not an option. Last Wednesday, January 16th, was Sanctity of Life Unity and Awareness Day and PDL staff participated by celebrating Mass with hundreds of Catholics at the Basilica and walked with many more to the Roundhouse. Standing in solidarity with so many pro-lifers is always encouraging, considering that there is a forceful push to increase abortion access in New Mexico and to strip the rights of medical professionals from conscientious objection to participate in them. This legislative session, HB 51 will be presented and, if passed, will repeal the State’s abortion ban along with repealing the conscience protection clause. Please reach out to your representatives and say you OPPOSE HB 51. You can learn more about the detrimental effects of HB 51 by clicking here.

Today also marks the 46th Anniversary Year of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in our nation. Today, join us in reflecting and praying for the loss of lives due to abortion and for healing for the families who grieve their loss. Further, continue to pray for our lawmakers and leaders who have the power to change laws in favor of the protection of the lives of the unborn. Since 1973, 60 million lives of unborn children have been tragically taken by abortion in the U.S. It is unacceptable, but we know that there is still hope in protecting the lives of future unborn children with the diligent work of pro-life organizations like Project Defending Life.

Almost half of the clients we work with are abortion-vulnerable and a quarter are abortion-minded. Through our life-affirming consultation session and services, we are able to help many choose life for their unborn baby. In this New Year, we look forward to offering the life-saving service of limited-obstetric ultrasounds to change the minds of more abortion-minded clients. If you haven’t already, please consider financially supporting us so we may continue to reach out and help those pregnant women and couples considering abortion. Click the link below to be taken to our secure donation server. Your Servant in Christ, Dominique Davis

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