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Call for Donations!

Friends for Life,

We are in need of some financial assistance for our clients as the weather gets colder, and more of our mamas approach their delivery dates!

In particular, we need $116.15 for a Pack n' Play for one mother. We also need money for a hotel stay for another client. One night is $55.99, and the total cost of tax for the stay is $37.79. The total cost for the stay is $317.74. 

Donations can be made online by clicking here or through cash or check. If you have questions about earmarking donations for specific needs, you may contact the office at (505) 266-4100.

And as always, we are in need of prayer. If you can help out in any way, financially or through your prayers or both, we would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you in advance for your response to the Lord's prompting,

Abigail Avalos Director of Client Services

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