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HB51 Fails!

Friends for Life,

We just keep winning! Last night HB51 failed to pass on the Senate Floor with 8 Democrats crossing party lines and opposing the bill. This past Wednesday, more than 500 New Mexicans from all across the state rallied at the Round House and presented the Governor with a petition to oppose HB 51 that contained over 22,000 signatures.  I must say, I have never seen that kind of pro-life turnout and activism before in my six years of being involved. Last night, I received so many celebratory calls and messages and I was overwhelmed with the miraculous turn of events. Thank you everyone! Make sure to take the time now to thank all the Senators, Republican and Democrat alike, for their support in opposing HB 51.

I truly believe that a sleeping giant has been awakened. A majority of New Mexicans have become aware of the status-quo of abortions here in our state—abortion up until birth, infanticide, no parental notification for minors, and unsafe and unregulated abortion facilities.

Our fight is not over. Our next step is to make sure legislation passes in 2020 that requires parental notification, a ban on late-term abortions, and regulation of abortion providers. What we did to defeat HB51 is what we will need to do to pass these proposed laws. Rest up now, because we will need to take over 2020.

As for Project Defending Life, we have been busy here finalizing details for the launch of our medical clinic. Our nurses will go through one last day of training on 3D/4D sonography at the end of March and the set-up of our electronic medical systems will be completed then.

Last Friday, March 8th, Project Defending Life celebrated Mass with Vicar General Very Rev. Glennon Jones who then blessed our ultrasound machine. Knights of Columbus joined us during this celebratory time and represented the many local councils in NM, and the State and National Council who raised all the funds to provide us with a top-of-the-line machine. State Deputy John Brault presented us with a check for the funds. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for the Knights of Columbus as a whole for the consistent generosity and support for PDL and fulfilling our mission. Also present was Board Chairman Michael Herrick, Vice-Chair Dan Doughty, and former board member, Curt Kuper.

From right to left: Direct Master Richard Espinosa, Dominique Davis (PDL President), Vicar General Very Rev. Glennon Jones, State Deputy John Brault, and State Secretary Dan Vigil.

Cathy Sullivan and Dominique Davis for the blessing of the ultrasound machine.

If you would like to ensure our life-saving work continues, please consider donating by clicking here.

We are abundantly blessed and continue to ask for your prayers and support. If you are looking to get involved please consider one of the many volunteer positions we are looking to fill by visiting us here!

40 Days is still going strong. Make sure to check with your local parish or with us to see when your day is to pray out on the sidewalk.

Your Servant in Christ,

Dominique Davis President

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