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Legislation, Pro-Life Unity, and Volunteering

Friends for Life, Big Announcements!

Today, March 2nd, HB51 is being heard at the Roundhouse. Please spend this time in prayer to help the Senators on the committee see the immorality of this bill.

Also, please take note of two new PRO-LIFE bills HB600 and HB608 will be voted on Tuesday. Our presence, prayers, and calls to our representatives positively impact the passing of these life-saving bills. Continue to subscribe and follow New Mexico Alliance for Life for key updates.

And drum roll please! We would like to unveil to you our new logo for Project Defending Life. Thank you all who gave input and direction. We’d like to specifically thank Gary Ryder from Bright Ideas who was the lead graphic designer of our logo.  As we dedicate ourselves to cultivating a culture of life in New Mexico and ending abortion, we felt nothing could be better than the Holy Family image which embodies the values, strengths, and commitment we hope to inspire in our community and the families we help.

Last Friday, PDL and Alongside Ministries hosted a pro-life organization meet and greet. We are extremely thankful for all who attended. More than 18 organizations attended and we anticipate hosting more of these events. The unity and collaboration from events like these keep our cause strong and effective.

The season of Lent is upon us which means our 40 Days for Life Campaign begins next Wednesday, March 5th. Packets have been mailed to churches. If you want to lead your church in our prayer campaign to end abortion, please contact Dominique for more info.

Finally, we are looking for volunteers! If you think you can fulfill any of the below roles, please contact us. 

Social Media Communications includes managing and promoting social media accounts in cooperation with our marketing strategy goals.

Pro-Life Outreach Coordinator(s) will assist the President and Community Outreach Director with organizing, promoting, and recruiting participants for pro-life events like 40 Days for Life and the Jericho Walk.

Receptionist(s) will welcome clients as they come to the pregnancy medical clinic, make sure forms are completed, entered, and filed, schedule appointments, and do basic office work. Client Advocacy training will be required and provided by PDL.

Spanish-Speaking Client Advocates will assist clients who are Spanish-speaking in our services, from pregnancy testing, options consultation, to case management. At this time, we are not seeing a high-volume of Spanish-speaking clients and so this will be an on-call position for a designated day and time-frame. We are looking for 10 volunteers to commit to 9-12:30 or 12:30-4 on any given day, Monday through Friday. Client Advocacy training will be required and provided by PDL.

Weekend Cleaners will do basic upkeep of building such clean bathrooms, sweep and mop floors, and vacuum.

Thank you for reading this extremely long email! A lot has been happening and we appreciate your prayers and support. Your Servant in Christ, Dominique Thank you for our Galentine’s Day Sponsors.   

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